Gear Review: Umpqua Tongass Bag

Every fisherman has a piece of gear that he/she never leaves at home; mine is my Umpqua Tongass Backpack. This backpack has been all over the United States with me and is a staple piece for me in all my adventures.image2image1The Tongass Back Pack by Umpqua, to me, is a lifesaver. This backpack has been through so many different harsh scenarios and has pulled through every single time! This bag can go through anything, really. It can withstand major hail/rain, tough terrain, and even complete submersion under water and all of your goodies inside are always safe and sound. It is quite roomy and has dual compartments in different sizes.

The bag uses the watertight roll-top method that is very effective. This helps ensure that no water will be entering the bag anywhere. Another aspect that I love is that although it already has the spacious primary roll-top compartment, it also has a smaller pocket that hangs on the inside for small things. I use this compartment for my cell phone and keys usually. This compartment can also be removed from the inside and buckled to the outside of the bag which makes easier access for those smaller things. The other compartment on this bag is a smaller roll-top that is located on the very front of the bag. I use this compartment for things that I know I’ll be taking in/out quite often (camera lenses, small fly boxes). The smaller roll-top compartment is the same material as the larger, so it can withstand just as much wear and is water resistant as well.

Overall I rate this bag a 10/10, and I would highly suggest it to anyone.


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