Night fishing for Trout pt. 1

Trout fishing at night can provide a huge payoff, but can also be super tricky. Every time I’m on a trout fishing trip I will wake up early and fish all throughout the day, but almost every time I will most likely fish at night as well. Night fishing allows the chance to catch trophy size trout- especially brown trout. I want to share some of the things I have learned about night fishing over the years!

Sam fish.png

Just like anything else in life, night fishing requires preparation. I invest quite a bit of time preparing for this so that it is worth my while. My favorite places to night fish are those that are known to hold giant fish. Everyone knows of that one place that has trophy fish- that place is where you want to go. The cool thing about tossing a fly into the water at night is that you never know what is going to bite. To me, one of the best opportunities to catch a trophy fish is at night!

To scout good areas, you can use Google search engine and find out where the big fish live. Along with finding a good river, you need to find out where to fish on that river. I usually like to go the day before and find deep pools where I think trout might stay. I like to try to find spots that have very little brush and trees so that I don’t get caught up on every cast. Also, check the flows before you go. A lot of places I fish have different water flows at different times. You should check with the right personnel to be sure that the water levels will be safe for you to go at night.

I am going to write more on night fishing for trout in a later post and I will include some gear that you should use as well as fly selection!


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