Fly Fishing Texas Hill Country: Where to Fish?

As you probably already know, I am an avid angler, and I am on the water usually 4-5 times per week. As I fish quite often, I know a few pretty nice places that hold fish. I’m going to share a few good places that I think might catch you a fish or two.

One of my favorite rivers to fish is the San Gabriel River. My favorite access point on the San Gabe is in Georgetown. This river holds a variety of species: largemouth bass, carp, sucker fish, quite a few subspecies of sun fish, and even buffalo. This river offers clear visibility as well as wading ability. If you just want to go out and cast a line and be guaranteed a fish, the San Gabriel River is a good place to go.


Another place that I like to fish that is a little closer to Belton is Salado Creek. To me, this creek is extremely underrated. I have caught one of my top 3 biggest bass in this creek as well as many other large fish. an access point that I like to go to is near Stagecoach Inn. Lots of fish stack up near that spot on the creek. Salado creek is also very clear and holds multiple species. The only drawback to fishing Salado creek is that there is almost always someone taking photos on the water. The creek is so beautiful that many people like to have photo sessions on or near the creek.

My last spot that I am going to suggest is very obvious I think… Belton Lake. I know that everyone says they fish Lake Belton and get nothing. And over the past years I have had the same experience But this past week I bought a drift boat and my experience changed completely. I have caught more fish within the past week than I have caught all throughout 2017 combined, and it was all on Belton Lake. This is not to say that you have to go drop 3 grand on a drift boat. A kayak will allow you to get into the coves on the lake that hold the good fish. one good access point is Arrowhead Point

belton2  belton1

I hope this blog helped you and if you’re thinking about casting a line, just go do it! You never know what you might bring in.


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